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About Us
Boris Grinberg - CEO

Boris spent 20 years on Wall Street at Credit Suisse, UBS and Global Macro Hedge Fund in New York and London in various risk taking and lending roles. He originated in excess of 20B of mortgages, bonds and esoteric securities. After wearing suits for 20+ years Boris bought a pick up truck, got Home Depot discount card and said future is in real estate investing and loans - that is how Accolend was born.

Boris spends all his time working with clients, growing business and building our infrastructure. Please do not ask Boris if your loan has been approved - if it doesn't involve hiring, firing or writing code - he is clueless.

Robert Newman – Chief Operation Officer

Prior to joining Accolend Newman spent 20 years investing in residential mortgages having bought and sold many thousands of loans without ever seeing a closing package or meeting a borrower. After working on Wall Street trading desks and managing private equity portfolios of loans, bonds and mortgage companies, Newman is happy to have given up the (not so) glamourous lifestyle for days, nights and weekends in the trenches continually trying to make the process more efficient for our borrowers.

In his free time, he enjoys teaching his children the benefits of real estate investing so that they might one day prosper being on the other side of the loan process.

Andrei Plamadeala – Head of Loan Origination

Andrei graduated from Montclair State University with degree in mathematics of finance so we all think he knows math. He wanted to become an actuary and, after graduation, joined an actuarial firm and started preparing for the actuarial exams. In August of 2016 he met Boris who charmed him into joining Accolend to help clients in the ever evolving and exciting industry of real estate investing.

Andrei quickly realized that working with clients is more fun than working with numbers. Since then he closed many loans, guided clients on the process of obtaining financing and now runs our Loan Origination team.

Margarita Lobanova – Senior Underwriter

After graduating from Samara State Technical University, Russia with degree in electrical engineering, Margarita spent 2 years on the oilfields in Russia’s Far East. Chasing black gold in Siberia didn’t have a great appeal for Margo so she decided to take her talents to USA and moved to New Jersey (of all places) in 2017.

She traded Russian outback for a finance desk job and joined Accolend after a short stop at a large on-line trading company. Margo is our senior underwriter and her attention to detail is legendary.

Rhinesca DeSimone – Marketing

Rhinesca joined us, after her mommy’s duty, from pricing and managing risk of mortgage backed securities at a Wall Street brokerage firm. Over short break she embraced social media, online marketing, built a good following for her social club and there was no going back to Risk Analysis or Wall Street.

Rhi talks, Rhi blogs and Rhi is going to conquer the Internet.

In her free time Rhi likes to hang out with her family and do fitish things (like her on Facebook if you know what it means).