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Your trusted residential lender

APR from 7.99%, NO points programs, up to 85% of purchase and rehab
Instant Rate Quote New Application
Fix N Flip
Up to 85% of purchase
Up to 100% of rehab
Rates from 7.99%
No points programs

5-10 days closing
Rental Loans
Up to 80% LTV
DCSR as little as 1x
Rates from 5.99%
Variety of Programs
Ground Up
Land at 50-65% of LTC
Up to 80% of Total Cost
Rates from 7.99%
Experience required
You ask,
We answer
− Are you a lender?
Yes, we are a direct lender
− Do you charge points?
We do not charge points
− What is your rate (APR)?
We provide 9-11% rates
− What is total loan cost upfront?
Cost is around $1900
Customers reviews
Funded Projects
Futuristic Nest
Pasadena, California
Loan Amount
$ 125k
Gross Profit
$ 37k
Apartment of Anthem
Anthem, Arizona
Loan Amount
$ 1,1m
Gross Profit
$ 217k
Loft Above the City
Port St.Luise, Florida
Loan Amount
$ 150k
Gross Profit
$ 76k
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