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Ground Up Construction
We deliver Institutional money to individual investors. We offer Low Cost financing.
Certainty of execution and Fast Closing.
Purchase LTC
Up to 65%
Construction LTC
Up to 100%
Total Hard Cost LTC
Up to 75%
Up to 65%
Rates, with points
From 5.99%
Rates, no points
From 7.5%
Property Type
SFR, Multifamily, Mixed Use, Condo, Townhouse
Min Loan
Max Loan Amount
Up to 24 months
What is the closing time for Ground Up Loans?
Closing time for Ground Up Construction is 7-15 business days.
Do you require any appraisal for Ground Up loans?
Yes, full appraisal will be required for new construction loans for investors including the interior.
Do Accolend finance Soft Cost?
No, we do not finance Soft Cost.
Do Ground Up experience is required?
Yes, but we have exception for borrowers who have completed at least 3 large renovations with increased SQFs and/or full gut rehabs.
What will you need to verify my experience?
You need to submit your HUD or Deeds before applying for our bridge loan program.
What are your closing fees?
Our closing fees depend on the size and complexity of the deal.
Do you require personal guarantees for Ground up loans?
Yes, personal guarantees are required for Ground up loans and for all our Fix and Flip Loans.
Do Accolend lends to LLC?
Yes, we lend to LLC for all our flip loan programs.
Do Accolend work with brokers?
Yes, we are open to work with brokers. We have lot of broker-friendly programs.
What will be the prepayment penalties?
There is no prepayment penalties for loans with points. For no point loan programs minimum term is 6 months.
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